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◎ System Usage Instructions ◎  
Q: Can I add the finished webpage to ePortfolio?
A: Yes.
1. upload your webpage to the internet classroom "Content Collection", the folder will be open for public viewing.
2. Add "Basic Portfolio" by adding content or link to your completed webpage.
Q: What account name and password should I use to sign-in?
A: You may use the account name and password provided by the Computer and Information Networking Center.
◎ Frequently Asked Questions ◎
Q: How much storage space is available for student ePortfolios?
A: Every student is allotted 100MB of storage space.
Q: Can I export the file by downloading after graduation?
A: Yes, the entire ePortfolio can be exported as an html file and stored onto your computer.
Q: Can I set the format of my ePortfolio?
A: Yes, "Individual Portfolio" are now available in Twelve layouts for you to choose from.